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Copyright headers
setUp(), tearDown(), etc.
@Test, etc.
401k notes
Why we don't participate in a 401k
The 960 Grid Layout System (CSS)
The 960 Grid Layout System
The 960 Grid Layout System (continued)
960 CSS
978 CSS
ActiveMQ Notes
Configuration in .xml files...
Sample plug-in configuration
Full configuration example
Active Directory lexicon...
LDAP representation...
Active Directory Reading
Notes on Agile development
Scrum and the pigs and chickens metaphor
Scrum is so much more
The Scrum stand-up
Other Scrum meetings and practices
Don't estimate stories during sprint planning
Agile and management
Continuous planning
Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)
Dumping Scrum for Kanban?
Good links
Pneumatic fitting types
The name
Alqualondë, the name
Server installation
The build
Populating the case
Index of Alton Brown's Good Eats episodes
Android Studio notes
Android tools
Links worth listing...
Equipping IntelliJ IDEA with Android plug-ins...
Create new Android project, Android Quickstart
Second beginning tutorial, Using the Android Visual Designer
Vogella: Lars Vogel's tutorial
Android Unit Testing
Using Android SDK Tools from IntelliJ IDEA
Android software component parts—at a glance
Technology lists
Fedora library issues
How to fly Allegiant Airlines
Android notes
Links worth listing...
Install Android SDK
Second beginning tutorial, Using the Android Visual Designer
Android Unit Testing
Using Android SDK Tools from IntelliJ IDEA
Setting up ant
ant built-in properties
System and personal variables
Help me! Some of my variables won't expand!
ant and Eclipse
How to manage buildnumber
Some good ant targets I want to remember
Advice on ant and Eclipse
Installing ant 1.8 on Ubuntu
Trouble in Eclipse with ant...
build.xml example
build.number example
Using build.xml with IDEs...
Great ANTLR how-to videos...
Apache Webserver on Ubuntu
Install and run...
Install on Ubuntu Server 22.04...
Setting up a virtual host...
Apache Webserver on SuSE Linux
Install and run...
Populating the document root...
Virtual hosts...
Setting up a subdomain using vhost files
Use of CNAME for subdomains
New for Apache 2.4
"You don't have permission to access / on this server"
Setting up Apache 2 web server on Ubuntu (Linux Mint desktop)
Despite readable, many images don't display (403 Forbidden)
Notes on APC UPS and graceful shutdown under Linux
CyberPower 650VA Battery Backup
Application software
Atom text editor
Installing xml-formatter
How to get rid of the left-side pane on start-up
How to install the beautify package
Reformatting XML in the editor
HTML reproduction of my favorite ASCII chart
Atom text editor
How to install atom
Installing xml-formatter
Audio-video questions
Tools to have on hand
Sound-card connector color codes
Audacious audio problems
pavucontrol settings
Video problems on ThinkPad notebook
Translating WMA to MP3...
What is the "digital copy" disk on the DVD set?
Linux audio-video support issues
Skype camera support
Microphone on Cinnamon
Sound output settings on Cinnamon
Sound output settings for Bluetooth on Cinnamon
Daily use cycle Avantree Audition headset
Sound input settings for Bluetooth on Cinnamon
Reset/re-pair SoundPEATS Bluetooth earbuds
Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones help guide
Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones go bong interrupting music USB External Sound Card with SPDIFF Digital Audio
My own StarTech set-up...
Webcam diagnostics
GNU autotools summary and random notes...
How to set up and use autotools
Building for debug...
Good links on autotools...
The problem of libraries...
Learning resources...
bash history is lost after closing shell
bash history options...
Best bash argument parsing advice ever...
How can I handle command-line arguments (options) to my script easily?
How to set your prompt in bash
How to isolate the version of Java in a script
The first mess...
The semicolon...
Creating an environment variable...
Loading variables with output from a (sub) shell...
Compound condition tests...
Gathering the return result of a subfunction...
My approach to script variables and function returns...
String case statements...
What’s in a string...
How to get the return of a command or subscript back...
Arguments to a shell script...
Arguments to a shell script (continued)...
Arguments to a shell script (continued)...
Arguments to a shell script (continued)...
Reading from the keyboard into a variable...
Confirm: a handy I/O function...
Looping, command-line arguments, etc...
Reusing getopts...
The magic of IFS...
The select construct...
~ and $HOME...
A little treat from an experienced shell coder...
A singularly useful script,
Listing (copying) files...
File I/O: reading lines from a file...
Dereferencing variables containing names of variables...
...also, “How to parse command-line options.”
More on command-line parsing...
Yet more on command-line parsing...
Deleting empty directories...
Variable indirect expansion...
Quoting shell-outs...
Finding available commands...
Making a string upper- or lower-case...
Another way to do echos with no newlines...
Fun: Linux text console colors...
Validating prompted input...
Debugging Tips
Reading and parsing a file...
Using set -u...
Copying files and directories with spaces in their name
Color in bash script output...
A script that loops through a list containing variables
Zap something in a file...
Parse out of a file in a loop...
Counting in a loop...
cp --parent: create hierarchy while copying
Pipe stdin to browser
Loop and count
Some find commands
find: How to list all XML files
How to list out everything in a directory except XML files
How to find the smallest (shortest) file in the subdirectory
How to find the largest (longest) file in the subdirectory
Using getopts for optional and mandatory arguments
Replacing the extension on a lot of files
Executing last command with a space in it (from your history)
Rename files named *_ixml.xml to _ixml
fgrep/grep to match, then display next line too
Browser craft
Chrome browser windows open off-screen in Linux workspaces
How to launch a new instance of Chrome (or Opera) in a Linux workspace
Opera browser and Linux workspaces
Googled for "linux chrome reboots to partial artifact"
Chrome artifacts only upon reboot and relaunch of Chrome
Video Downloader PLUS
Firefox: stop the damn guessing!
Chrome: Create a bookmark
Chrome: Reorder a bookmark
Chrome cookies
Pipe stdin to browser
Removing the effects of trovi on Google Chrome
Reversing a deleted link/thumbnail on the Chrome homepage
How a browser renders a page
How to relocate Chrome tabs and windows to another workspace
How to "google" for "not this string"
USB-mount Blu-ray drive for use on my Linux Mint desktop
Apache Camel Notes
Carpentry notes
How Tommy does pre-hung doors
Drawer-in-cabinet installation
Drawer-in-cabinet; how to dimension
Cassandra database notes
Unit-testing with Cassandra
An early project...
Basic Cassandra connection
Cassandra data types
Setting up Cassandra on my local (Fedora) host the first time
Playing with PreparedStatements
Remote debugging
Linux Mint installation and set-up
Invoking command files from shell and comments in command files
Cassandra custom index-relevant links...
Secondary indices in Cassandra...
The SSTable, or "sorted-strings table"
Materialized views
Setting up a cluster...
The Cassandra Coordinator...
A "microcluster" for development...
Clearing out Cassandra data and reloading it, over and over again
Creating a microcluster for private, development use...
Graceful shut-down...
On JVM memory and heap settings
Enabling DEBUG-level logging in /etc/cassandra/logback.xml
Slow queries
openjdk-8-8u162-b12 is broken for Cassandra 3.11.0
When discussing using vnodes, especially lots of vnodes, developers are a little incredulous
When a new node is added to a cluster...
Canon Printer notes
Body repair...
Fixing a dent
Clay barring...
Cleaning inside of windshield
Notes on digital certificates
Let's get a certificate (for free)
Internal structure of an X.509 v3 certificate
How public encryption works (step-by-step)
More notes on digital certificates—especially as concerns Tomcat
Generating a self-signed certificate...
Integrating Tomcat with the certificate...
Chef Quick-start
Setting up the Chef server and client is even easier (than below)
Setting up the Chef server
Setting up the Chef client
Setting up the Chef client on a data center VM
The Chef server
The Chef client
The Chef node
The Chef cookbook
The resource collection
Chef Solo
Step-by-step Chef configuration
Node registration
Knife-up recipes
Create a role
Creating a client
Retrieving an existing recipe
Random notes as yet to coalesce
Using Chef to erect a MongoDB data center
Setting Up MongoDB and Chef (mostly replaced by chef-mongodb.html)
Old Chef Notes (obsolete)
Chef Rubyisms and Structure
Song chords and lyrics
Alison Krause, Jesus, Help Me to Stand
Colin Hay, Dear Father
Puff, the Magic Dragon
Churrascaria terminology
Notes on code reviews
Best practices
Code-review checklist
Clean Code
Notes on code reviews
Noting attendance
Recording new births
Recording baptism and confirmation
Print baptism/confirmation certificate
Recording priesthood ordination
Setting or correcting organizational callings
Transferring records in/Moving members in
Countries as JSON
First Subpanel
Consul notes
COVID-19 prophylaxis
COVID-19 MATH+ Protocols for Early Treatment
COVID-19 mRNA biological treatment
Inventor of mRNA technology interviewed
Current points
CPAP Notes
Benefits of using a full-face mask
Cleaning any CPAP machine
ResMed S9: manual
ResMed S9: adjusting ramp-up
ResMed S9: adjusting the pressure
Cleaning my CPAP...
ResMed S8 and S9: a burnt plastic smell...
ResMed S8: bad start button...
ResMed S9: disassembly and cleaning...
ResMed S10: disassembly and cleaning
Credit-card notes
Regular expressions to validate credit cards
cron notes
Getting the Retain source code...
Starting out...
Checking out the build...
Seeing only merged files during an update...
Adding a new file or subdirectory...
Committing (checking in) changes to a file...
Updating (checking out) a file...
Checking for changes...
Examining the log file/checking for differences...
Branching development trees...
Branching in cvs...
Retagging files...
Bitchin’ and moanin’...
The “fairy-boy tool”...
Apache cypress Notes
Using the validator
Let's try to find our way...
Cypress 7 EHR Validator
Random Database Notes
SQL Phenomena for Developers
Dirty/Skewed reads, writes, etc.
Apache Derby Notes
In-memory databases
Testcontainers is an alternative in testing
Features, utility notes and examples
Apache Derby from Maven...
Using Derby in in-memory mode...
Using Derby in other modes...
Derby example and notes
Database creation is automatic...
Auto-generated, auto-incrementing oids
Derby errors
Useful links
How JDBC drivers work
Notes on DNS—details for turning into a DNS server
Notes on Docker
Docker links
Top 20 Dockerfile best practices
Docker glossary
    bind mount
    volume mount
    Docker Compose
    Docker Swarm
Install Docker on Ubuntu 18.04.1 Server
Install Docker on Ubuntu 22.04 Server
Adopt user into group docker
Docker and certificates
The Docker file
Docker best practices
Docker limits
Docker and Snap versus package-manager installation
Install docker-compose
Getting started exercises
Must Dockerfile be capitalized?
10 things to avoid in Docker containers
Limiting Docker containers to resources
More best practice tips
When containers play hard to get—missing containers
Discovering association between containers and virtual interfaces
Tip on debugging image construction
When life's bad on Docker...
EPERM on Docker
Some useful Docker commands...
Docker Compose notes
Docker-compose YAML for exercise above
Labels on nodes in Docker Swarm
Handling mounted volumes in docker-compose.yml
Docker Compose versus Docker Swarm
Notes on a Docker experience
Dockerfile contents
Build the new image
Launch the container
Hitting Tomcat in Docker
Loading an image from a tar file
Bump Tomcat's memory as you run this image
Peeking into running containers...
Cleaning up...
A Docker Installation (example)
Docker super-simple tutorial
Docker and Java problems
Docker Quick Reference
Docker volume notes
Notes on DokuWiki
Debian/Ubuntu Platform Package Manager
Debian package manager details
Platform details from uname et al...
Package manager (dpkg) details...
dpkg commands...
Debian package manager apt...
apt package manager...
dpkg tricks...
Building dpkgs...
Rebuild advanced packaging tool source lists...
Preventing packages from being updated...
Building Debian packages
Building Debian packages—a practical example
Frank Herbert's Dune
Dune, by chronology of action
Dune, by date of publication
A Chronology of Some Important Events in Human History
Eclipse releases
Eclipse update sites of interest to me
Eclipse memory issues...
Initial Eclipse launch...
Working with the Eclipse workspace...
Creating launch configuration
Correcting project parameters...
Working sets...
Error/warning levels in Eclipse
ctag-like actions in Eclipse
Comparing code
Eclipse: current working directory
Upgrading Eclipse spelling dictionary
Default @author for JavaDoc
Invisible code from JARs
JARs in Eclipse
What to do when Eclipse gets icky...
Adding a second JRE...
Fixing a bad library problem...
Fixing a bad library problem (2)...
Fixing a bad library problem (3)...
Fixing a bad library problem (4)...
"The project was not built..."
svn troubles...
Build tasks in Eclipse
Eclipse sux rocks on Linux at least
Eclipse project folder set-up
Good Eclipse add-ons...
The Eclipse icon nightmare...
Bouncing an Eclipse project
Seeing Eclipse editor annotations on Linux
Advice on Eclipse build paths
Fixing Eclipse in Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala
Adding software to Eclipse
Eclipse and LD_LIBRARY_PATH and java.library.path
Renaming despite project name in use
"IntelliSense," ...
No grammar constraints (in XML)
Uninstall plug-ins from Eclipse
Reconfiguring panes (views) in Eclipse
How to forget defunct workspaces
The new Eclipse command line
Eclipse workbench on Ubuntu
Console length
Eclipse Project Explorer view of Dynamic Web Projects
Conveniently consuming the Eclipse Java formatter from the command line
Internal web application deployment
Language of workbench
EclEmma: code coverage for Eclipse
Installing eclim
Java formatting
Eclipse artifacts and portability
Eclipse Web Tools Project: the Context Root
build.xml in Eclipse
A Dynamic Web Project in Eclipse sans project files
Definitive approach for sharing Eclipse projects
Sharing projects
Enabling Java assertions...
Start-up dialog workspace names
Missing listener when Tomcat starts
404 when Tomcat starts, web.xml
VPN freeze-up and proxy
Eclipse Marketplace
Solution to adding Eclipse to the Unity task bar
Unsucking Eclipse Juno...
Trouble with ant...
Customizing the Project Explorer view
On Eclipse projects and non-Eclipse technology
FindBugs plug-in
Tabs/spaces in Java editor
Cleaning up the Project Explorer view
Code-coverage plug-in for Eclipse
Updating Eclipse to use Java 8...
"type java.lang.CharSequence cannot be resolved"
Free UML tool ObjectAid
Markdown in Eclipse
DIY Eclipse for classroom
Plug-in: workspace mechanic
Separate Eclipse binaries/running Eclipse twice
Eclipse plug-ins to install
Eclipse plug-ins to install
Eclipse NNTP forums
Eclipse Neon icon-scaling
Eclipse installation for MDHT
Clone MDHT project from GitHub
Install Eclipse
Fix errors
Notes on eDirectory Installation
Notes on residential electricity
3-way switches
Over-looked magic in duplex outlets...
ELK Notes
Foreword and Summary
Paths to Elastic component binaries after Debian installation
Download, shallow configuration and installation (launch)
Reach ELK stack from browser
Draining data from ELK
Appendix: Collected ELK links
Appendix: Securing ELK
Enphase (solar) notes
Envoy IQ Gateway Combiner WiFi set-up
E-mail address notes; regular expression
Employment notes
Unsucking your resume
Ten resume mojo busters
How to leave your job
Quitting your job
Some great links
Executable JAR notes
Esxi Vitural Machine Notes
Application Server
Sun/Oracle JDK
Chef client
Database Server
Replica-set configuration
MongoDB shell commands
Jenkins continuous deployment server
Install openjdk-6-jdk
Install ant v1.8+
Install Git
Jenkins VM for continuous deployment
Set up sendmail on Jenkins server
Ancillary stuff
RSA key
Facebook notes
Line breaks
Font faces: italics and bold
FHIR notes
Useful links
Patient record
FHIR resource icon legend
FHIR validator
FHIR XML-to-JSON or JSON-to-XML Converter
HAPI FHIR context
HAPI FHIR input in XML or JSON
HAPI FHIR parser
HAPI FHIR output in XML or JSON
Notes on FHIR extensions
FHIR Validation
Appendix: line- and column numbers
Filebeat notes
Environment variables in filebeat.yml
Financial notes
Notes on TIG, zTIG, universal life, etc.
Finger designations
Picking styles
Travis picking
A different representation
ElectricCommander, Redmine and other notes
Food-sucker notes
Gazelle notes
Notes on JVM garbage collection
The JVM heap
Minor garbage collection
Major garbage collection
Full garbage collection
Types of garbage collection
Concurrent Memory Sweep
On-line garbage-collection analysis tool
Garbage-collection options missing from Java 9
List of tuning parameters for G1GC
Table of JVM garbage collectors
JVM memory parameters (reminder)
Epsilon, no collector
Z garbage collector (or ZGC, new in Java 12)
Shenandoah garbage collector (new in Java 12)
Links to presentations, stackoverflow, etc.
Generating a self-signed certificate
Notes on genealogy
Instructions for determining relationship
Movement commands...
Examining data...
Source code...
Various notes...
ddd madness...
Making a transparent image
Using the paint can
Using the gradient editor
Git notes
Git configuration
How to make new Git commands using aliases
How to prime the pump of a new respository
How to remember what Git branch I'm working in...
How to remember what Git branch I'm working in (2)
Git and binaries
Git aliases
git please
git shorty
Git tagging
Some best practices
Git cheat sheet
Quick, simple and frequently used cheats around branching...
More advanced, esoteric, high-powered cheats...
Useful links
Git Commands Quick List
Git Experiences
trying to update a very stale bit of code probably touched from another piece of hardware
Steps to refresh Bitbucket's RSA host key
Steps to setting up a new account in GitHub
Steps to setting up a new repository in BitBucket
How to clone an repository on a new host (Bitbucket or GitHub)
How to finish setting up a freshly created Bitbucket repository
How to migrate existing repository contents
Migration command summary
Getting started: cloning a new repository...
How I got Jenkins and GitHub wired up
How I really got Jenkins and GitHub wired up
Error and hang for git push origin master
Jenkins and Bitbucket
GitHub pull-request paradigm
GitHub simple pull-request
How to stop getting notification for a repository
Agent admitted failure...key...Permission denied (publickey)
How to remove or change remote origin from repository
How to paste a new key for ssh into Bitbucket, etc. using xclip
Creating and using a personal-access token...
Creating and using a personal access token...
A mode of working
Sample order of work
More gitk and git notes
git rebase and git reset
git worktree notes
Notes on global expressions
Notes on Gnome stuff
VLC player
Totem Movie Player
The name
Desktop installation
Rockin' motherboard
USB 3.0 details
Video details
Audio details
Disk assignment
Installed software
Adding a Cooler Master Hyper T4 CPU fan
A better thermometer
Using two HP ZR30w monitors
Remaing trouble
My father's build
Google fibre network notes
Google fibre account
12 June 2020: anothet network outage
Host /etc/hosts files...
Menegroth ( port-forwarding
July 2017: I terminate the Google Box' use as a wireless access point...
Soft-reset of Network Box...
Hard-reset of Network Box...
Reaching your Google fiber Network Overview page
Network Box administration paths
Sequence of action before calling Google
Manage wireless access point
How to establish that a host has a static IP address
How to administrate LAN
How to administrate wireless
How to set up port-forwarding
Go back to having my own internal router
The 1 January 2015 outage...
Google Mesh network notes
Tear down existing Google Mesh network...
Install Google Mesh network from scratch...
Google fibre network notes
Join meeting in Google Hang-outs
Notes on Gorbachev's Syntax Highlighter
Grammar notes
Dangling modifier
Notes on GroupWise Installation
Setting up a GroupWise trusted-application key
Determining if GroupWise works...
Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Pro Solidbody
Choosing a guitar, what's important
Tips for older beginners...
The history of Epiphone
Coil-splitting versus coil-tapping...
How to quick-learn a song...
Guitar Tips and Notes
How to learn songs
Find the Key of the Song
Use the 1-4-5-6 Chords Immediately
Play the First Verse and Chorus Only
How to Pick Out the Key of a Song
Getting the Retain source code...
Starting out...
Initial Eclipse launch...
Creating the (RetainServer) project...
Creating the RetainWorker project...
Creating the other, library projects...
Addendum to oblique project set-up...
Eclipse Error/Warning settings
Summary of Retain build properties
Modifications to the projects...
Further preparation...
Invisible code from JARs...
Rappels encore non approfondis
Hadoop notes
Hamcrest notes
HandBrake and Plex notes
How to rip a DVD and put it on your Plex server
The Plex server
Finessing HandBrake
Handbrake on Microsoft Windoz
Random notes
Handbrake custom settings
XML-surgery way of specifying presets...
YIFY-MKV, latest attempts
What movie/television file is HandBrake currently transcoding?
How to use HandBrake to snip (or pre-snip)
Hands-on Cryptography with Java
1. Cryptographic Introduction
2. Basic Ciphers
3. Advanced Ciphers, Asymmetry and Public Keys
4. Hacking Technologies: Breaking adn By-passing
5. Putting It All Together
Appendix 1: Make up for missing keystore vs. trust store focus
Appendix 2: Where do OSes keep their certificate authorities?
Appendix 2: Where do browsers keep their certificate authorities?
FHIR notes
Useful links
Some beginning steps (including code)...
FHIR path
The FHIRPath cookie JAR—everything you need!
The "cost" of FHIRPath
More FHIRPath experimentation...
How to find HAPI FHIR Javadoc...
Yet more FHIRPath...
Still more FHIRPath illustrations: unclear datum types...
FHIRPath end-point catch-all
FHIRPath examples
FHIRPath functions
On the FHIR parser, resource types to parse, sources to parse from and output formats...
Best practice for determining if incoming document is XML or JSON...
Best practice for determining what FHIR resource dominates the document...
What happens if there's junk in the FHIR?
Enhancing ugly XML formatting (<element></element>)
Generating Identifier constructs...
Patients, Identifiers and Extensions
CodeableConcepts and Extensions
Updating HAPI FHIR versions
HAPI FHIR Instance Validation
FHIR Validation
Populating a FHIR Patient from scratch
Rolling a Patient into a Bundle
Extracting data from a Patient
Extracting polymorphic onset[x] data using FHIRPath from an AllergyIntolerance
HAPI FHIR miscellaneous coding tricks
CodeableConcept, how it works and tricks in using it...
HAPI FHIR JPA Server notes
Relevant links
Cloning the project from GitHub
Setting up the project in IntelliJ IDEA
Demonstration of using the server
Intercepting execution in the server...
I have registered hook methods...
Lucene lock held by Hibernate...
CPU pin-out compatibility
Random notes on Hibernate
An alternative to Hibernate
Hibernate dialects
Paging efficiency
Hibernate's query language
Some useful database definitions
Query by example in Hibernate
Debugging: Finding the origin of a query
Hibernate and concurrency
HL7v3 (CDA) Notes
Links to Implementation Guides
How the furnace lights (Oregon Avenue)
Inducer motor replacement (960 North)
Replaced condensate sump (960 North)
Christmas-tree stand assembly
Samsung SDH-B3040 4-channel 720p HD DVR Security Camera System
PEX tricks
Master bathroom remodel
Replaced air system at 931 East 560 North
Replaced air system at 1778 South Oregon
Some steps to adjusting garage-door springs
Fixed folks' furnace (1248 North 1000 East)
Furnace operation intermittant at 1248 North 1000 East
Bryant furnace and refrigeration operation with Amazon Echo/Alexa
Amazon Echo skill for Bryant air system
Toto C 100 Electronic Washlet
HP Photosmart Plus won't feed/out of paper
Notes on modern CSS and HTML
Links to emergingly useful stuff
Mason's tutorial on CSS styles
CSS box
Links to great sites with CSS suggestions
Useful and ready-to-use HTML 5 snippets
Useful line-drawing characters
HTML character reference, diacritics, special characters etc.
How to scale a div section
Toggle open/closed (click to hide/click to unhide)
Keeping legend inside fieldset box despite hyperlinks
Hiding and expanding lines in HTML
(HTML Gorbachev example)
Highlighting list elements on hover
HTTP Error Handling
Status codes
Accept ... in header
... Content-Type in header
(more) ContentType in header
Pragati Verma
Often unused HTTP status codes
Apache HTTP client notes
HttpStatus error status functional ranges
A refined suggestion for HTTP status codes
Error status descriptions
Getting the response...
The HEAD method...
HTTP header information...
How does HTTPS work?
New Java HTTP Client
Simplest HTTP program
Simplest HTTP program with POST
Notes on humidification
How I hooked up my two Hyundai monitors to Linux
IBM FHIR server notes
IBM fhir-server notes
Relevant links
Cloning the project from GitHub
fhir-server and IntelliJ IDEA
Command-line build
Unpack server from distribution
Install fhir-server and test its installation
Demonstration of using the server
Command-line build
Root-level pom.xml for IBM FHIR project
Capability statement(s)
IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate Notes
Nota bene: This has turned more into just being notes on how to use IDEA Ultimate to write web applications.
Some web-programming tutorial links
Apache/Maven WAR plug-in
IntelliJ IDEA Tomcat tutorial
Hello-world restlet in IntelliJ IDEA and Maven with Jersey and Tomcat
web.xml in IntelliJ IDEA and Maven with Jersey and Tomcat
Trouble-shooting the outcome of the Jersey tutorial
JSP example using IntelliJ IDEA and Tomcat
The "web descriptor" for a servlet/application
Function of Deploy applications configured in Tomcat instance in Run/Debug Configuration
Project Structure Artifacts and their path
IntelliJ IDEA changing project type
Tomcat "complains" of no TLDs in JARs
That never absent HTTP 404 status...
Maintain code-style (Java)...
IntelliJ IDEA Quick Start Notes
Insomnia ReST client notes
Inkscape notes
IntelliJ Notes
Important links
A forward
What I really like about IntelliJ
How to create a new project in IntelliJ IDEA from scratch
Setting up IntelliJ
Running multiple instances of IntelliJ IDEA simultaneously
Updating IntelliJ IDEA and restoring old settings
Some preliminary configuration and settings
Gross IntelliJ settings
    Editor / General
    Editor / Colors & Fonts
Editor / Code Style
    Suppress deprecation
    Javadoc for new Java classes (@author, @since, etc.)
    Version Control
    Build Tools
The .iml in IntelliJ
Doing the first project using Maven
What to do when there's trouble in IntelliJ
Mysterious trouble in IntelliJ!
Strange compilation errors in IntelliJ
How to manage IntelliJ projects under version control
How to make Run/Debug console infinite length (buffer size)
How to add the test subdirectory
How to add a JAR or library to the project or module
How to open multiple projects from Eclipse sources
How to structure a new projects from existing code
How to structure hard projects from Eclipse origins
How to structure hard projects from Eclipse origins—addendum / Steps to IDEA-ize a complex component
Suppress "Access can be more private" inspection
Suppress "method where a value passed to parameter always the same" inspection
Suppress "Field can be local" inspection
Maven duality
JUnit symbols missing
Which JAR is consuming (causing) other JARs (to come in)
Setting breakpoints on exceptions
Unable to save settings. Failed to save settings. Please restart IntelliJ IDE.
Want IntelliJ IDEA to leave your Java import lists alone?
Scala project icon colors
Setting up to use the javap disassembler from the IDE
Unable to build project/missing Scala support
No end to IDEA's "Warning: java: target source value 1.5 is obsolete"
Installation and start-up
Java-writing aids in IntelliJ IDEA
Database editor in IntelliJ IDEA
Error- and warning light-bulbs
Run code in IDEA despite errors
Using the UML Support plug-in for diagrams
IDEA modules fail to show/recognize source code
How to increase the number of errors displayed in IDEA
How to get test code working when using ant build.xml in IDEA
How to change log4j.xml configuration between development and production?
How to change log4j.xml configuration between development and production? (at build time)
Restore pre-2019.2 functionality of editor selection extension
Cannot find symbol
UML diagrams
How to suppress HTML/XML editing helps that are annoying...
How to suppress HTML indentation...
How to use JShell in IDEA...
How to remove (without deleting) modules from IDEA...
How to exclude (auto) importing idiotic packages...
How to exclude imports you don't want...
Reach a list of issues you've interacted over with JetBrains
IntelliJ IDEA Run/Debug Configuration and web applications
IntelliJ IDEA cannot receive filesystem event notifications...
The current inotify(7) watch limit is too low
JUnit test errors out with "file not found"
Writing to the console (from Java) in different font, style, color, etc.
Opening non-Java files in the IDE
IntelliJ IDEA and Maven Notes
How to add missing libraries to an IDEA/Maven project
How to find the right Maven dependencies?
Once a library dependency has been added to pom.xml, how to get IntelliJ IDEA to see and use it in the code?
How to find a package or symbol whose JAR you don't know?
How to recover from a mistake made in the method just above?
IntelliJ IDEA team notes
IntelliJ IDEA tip of the day: File → Invalidate Caches/Restart...
Asterisks in Java imports...
The green check-mark in IntelliJ IDEA's Java editor...
IP and Network Management Notes
Network management with an historical aspect
Network Manager /etc/network/interfaces
Classless Inter-domain Routing (CIDR)
Domain Name System (DNS) resolver (/etc/resolv.conf)
VPNs and /etc/resolv.conf
dhclient">dhclient (/etc/dhcp/) tricks
IT Stuff notes
Web domains unreachable...
New TP-Link AC1200 Wireless Gigabit Access Point...
TP-Link WA901ND 450Mbit Wireless N Access Points...
IntelliJ Notes
Setting up IntelliJ
Structure in IntelliJ—Outline in Eclipse
Miscellaneous stuff in IntelliJ
Configuring keyboard shortcuts
Turn on line numbers and off vertical guides
How to invoke diff for a file
A missing class
Solving the nasty propensity to collapse import lists into wildcards
Method returns in Java code
Attaching source code
Sorting out Eclipse problems in code from IntelliJ
Unbound classpath variables
Build Path problems
Missing folders
JARs (and WARs)
Create a runnable JAR in Eclipse
Create an executable JAR in Eclipse
How to examine a JAR (or WAR) in Linux
Jackson utilities for JSON
Serialization of a POJO into JSON
JSON input (string) to POJO
Tailoring Jackson behavior
Observations on Japanese
Some terminology (constants)
The Java Virtual Machine
Got Java?
Setting up JAVA_HOME...
Script finding and isolating Java version
Some defintions from Javaland
hs_err_pidXXX.log file
Utility methods...
Use of static...
Width of characters...
Identifier case...
Use of .class...
Accessors and mutators
JUnit testing
Integers in Java
Instance variable instantiation
The finally clause
Reader versus Stream
Synchronization in Java
Managed beans (and JSF)
The ternary operator
Viewing the contents of a JAR
How to examine a JAR (or WAR) in Linux
Runnable (stand-alone) JUnit testing
Enabling Java assertions...
Problems with encapsulation...
Tracking down memory leaks in Java
Hunting memory leaks in production
Notes on overt thread safety in Java
Replacing Java 6 with Java 7
UnsupportedClassVersionError in Java
How to override equals() and hashCode() properly
Visual VM bundled with JDK
Dependency injection (Inversion of control)
The history of identifier deprecation in Java
OS/system details in Java
How I eliminated Oracle/Sun JDK
The Java @Override snafu
Swiss Java knife
Java thread safety
Java collections
Java collection hierarchy
Java lists
Java sets
Java maps
Java hash maps
Java filepaths
Converting String to InputStream
byte[] to String
Exceptions, version 2
Java API exceptions
Checked/unchecked exceptions
Don't throw an instance of class Exception...
Reasons for resorting to a conditional...
JVM mind (share) map
Random in Java
Reverse string
Arrays.toString() minus the brackets
EarlyExitException is not EarlyExitException (symbol is not symbol)
Unsupported major.minor version 52.0
Notes on Java serialization
JVM memory parameters (reminder)
Notes on JVM heap memory
Notes on JVM garbage collection
Notes on immutable classes
Matching groups in regular expressions in Java
Strange string arithmetic...
Consuming UNIX .so files from a project...
Handling exceptions in Java—best practices...
SQL timestamp for "now"...
Updating the installed Java
Custom exceptions best practice
HttpURLConnection "keep alive"
OkHttpClient compared to HttpURLConnection
UnsupportedOperationException when adding one list to another
Java versions through recent times
Java 11
JVM heap memory: going over 32G, 8-byte/64-bit references
Sorting out JNI issues
Running JVM for remote debugging...
Hermetization: not leaking state
Variable-length arguments...
Slurping a stream
Per-thread local store
How to get the line number in the caller
ThreadLocal (TLS)
How to determine the width of an integer...
The nature of Enumeration< ? >
Dressing a string in floating-point...
Using the Decorator pattern to rename and/or dress up superclass
Enum reflection in Java
Some random notes on Java 8
The ultimate Java 8 list
How to back-translate Java 8 lambda- and stream expressions
Methodology for understanding Java 8 method references
Illustration to understand lambda references in IntelliJ IDEA
Types of Java 8 method references
Java 8 Optional
Some notes on Java 9
Modules in Java 9...
HTTP clients in/for Java
Apache HttpClient
String fromStream()
Java keytool notes
Make a server key store
Make a server trust store
Make a user key store
Notes on a simple, multimodule project
Project root pom.xml
Domain pom.xml
Web-application pom.xml
View of results
Building the project in an IDE...
Paul Grey on generating a Java trust store
Order of block tags...
Forwarding Javadoc with @see or {@link ...}
Linking to Javadoc in Eclipse
Generating Javadoc in Maven
Errors, errors and more errors...
Getting-started article
Notes on Java Queues
Java Cryptography Extension (NCE):—Unlimited Strengh Jurisdiction Policy Files
Notes on JConsole
Setting up the application
JConsole: the quick and dirty tour...
CPU Usage
VM Summary
Java Logging (juli)
Eclipse-JDK layout
How I get a Sun JDK
How I get a openJDK
Wire up JDK to Eclipse
Add installed JDK to workspace
Installing Tomcat for use with Eclipse
Jellyfin notes
What is true of Jellyfin?
Installing Jellyfin Media Server
Putting Jellyfin behind a reverse-proxy server
Roku success
Sharing with family and friends outside...
Random notes
Music on Jellyfin
Jenkins notes
Jenkins notes
Jersey notes
Some links
Serializing/deserializing POJOs
Using String in place of ObjectId in a DTO
Servlet filters
Example: implementing per-thread local store in a servlet
web.xml registration
Servlet listeners
Jackson resolvers
Jersey steps into service code...
Phantom start-up errors in Jersey...
A Jersey testing example...
Jersey Test Framework notes
Random 1...
Random 2...
Random 3...
Jersey ReST Streaming
Java JKS notes
Apache JMeter notes
Running JMeter—options
My First JMeter Test
My own first JMeter test: pinging my ReST application
Look-up: my first JMeter ReST test attempt
Look-up: my second attempt
jMeter run script (sample)
JMeter run script for Jenkins (sample)
JMeter configuration (sample)
Here are notes/steps to installing Jmeter for remote use (sample)
Redefining what's already been defined...
Practical advice...
Some very practical examples...
Getting results...
Illustration of JMeter in Jenkins...
Things not to do with JMeter scripts...
Sample test plan
JavaScripting notes
How to show/hide a <div> in HTML
Jackson examples
Unrecognized field not marked as ignorable by Jackson readValue()
POST oder GET : es ist die Frage
Default POST action
Java servlet filters
Servlet parameters
More servlet parameters
Scope in JSP
JUnit testing...
Setting up JUnit tests in Eclipse...
Writing JUnit test code...
JUnit test code order of execution
JUnit test code order of execution—SOLVED
JUnit test code tricks
Testing hierarchy
Smoke tests
JUnit: The input type of the launch...
How to set up a project for JUnit testing in Eclipse...
JUnit 4
Notes from JUnit Recipes
Enabling Java assertions...
JUnit print name of each test case as a ruler from setUp()
JUnit 5
JUnit comparison of 4 and 5
Apache Kafka notes
Quick, console demonstration
Topic-naming: a good standard to follow...
Apache Kafka Experience
Setting up server kalevala...
Replacing dash with bash
Replacing Java 6 with 7
Other software...
Modify Apache and Tomcat to coexist
How a user is authenticated to a service...
Back-certification of the server...
Why tickets?
From the user’s perspective how Kerberos is used...
Renewable tickets...
Proxy tickets...
Cross realm authentication...
Locating a key-distribution center (KDC)...
Kerberized applications
Kerberos exportable!
By the way, Kerberos differs from RSA in that...
Some terminological comparison...
Ah, VAS!
Kerberos components and their geography...
A second explanation of VAS with Kerberos...
Some Simo Sorce wisdom...
Notes from the O’Reilly book...
What is Smartcard?
Notes on Korean vowels
Notes on Korean consonants
Notes on knives
KVM hypervisor notes
Set up a new virtual machine (VM)
KVM/s filesystem presence
Using virsh to manage an existing (VM)
Tearing down and removing an existing (VM)
Installing an .ova
SELinux issues
AppArmor issues
Install software for remote virtualization management
Notes on putting together large food events
Using dig...
RFC 2254 string filters...
Software licenses
FreeBSD license
GNU license
Reasons Linux is better than Windows
The Linux filesystem at a glance...
Now down to business: .bashrc and .bash_profile
How to set your prompt in bash
Grub menu management...
So, despite all the training films and lectures...
20070516-103219 CD 1
Linux config script...
Linux GUI to text console...
How to salvage my Linux host...
How to run wireshark...
Using iptables to block ports...
Synthesis: an example using iptables and wireshark
dir /o:d
How much memory? top
How much disk space? df
(super-duper version of above)
Who am I?
scp with spaces in path
gzip and gunzip
taring up and gziping a subdirectory
How to recover packaged software from hosed state...
Solaris package manager...
Other *nix platform package managers...
Building stuff from sourceforge...
Stopping or restarting a dæmon...
Using ps from system to system...
ldd Which library? (list dynamic dependencies)
Using tail dynamically...
Use umask...
Use sudo...
Use sux...
The find command...
Some interesting stuff to use in scripts...
Breaking into a hung machine...
And, if your network’s gone...
Mounting an ISO on loopback...
Mounting a built directory as if an ISO...
Mounting a CD-ROM...
Mounting a thumb drive...
Host information...
POSIX Access Control Lists on Linux
2 NICs versus “multihomed”...
man sections exposed...
curses links...
How I hooked up my Hyundai monitors...
Visual Slickedit
Memory totals on Linux
Using locate...
.bin files on Linux
GNU and gcc downloads
Anonymous ftp
Change hostname (permanently)
Static IP addresses
Remove an element from PATH
Remove games from PATH
Unix permissions
Cool (Microsoft) fonts on Linux...
System (hardware) information on Linux...
How to set up port-forwarding
Graphical ssh/scp on Linux
.bash_history ownership
Setting up network proxy via command line
Setting up network proxy via GUI
Reach command line during installation
How to get on as a weird user
Adding a second NIC to Linux
bash prompt legend
How to start an OpenOffice application from the command line
How to split huge text files into parts
Command-line user stuff
Command-line new user/delete user
Going fishing with ssh
Changing server from DHCP to static IP address
Getting apt keys from behind firewall
Finding a user
Using an IP tunnel
How to think of the IP tunnel...
Notes on port-forwarding (tunneling)
Find which process has port n open
See which process is holding which port
Testing a port to see if open and happy
Setting up a sudo user not to have to type password
Be sure not to retain sudo as search string before clicking on this link!
Finding IP address of domain, website, etc.
Establishing a server connection at start-up in Nautilus
Solving ping and apt-get trouble after /etc/network/interfaces change
Upstart notes...
Using netstat to determine what ports are listend on
Adding a new disk at the command line...
Changing the color of the text console including background
How to copy a mounted CD to an ISO file
ssh fishing: finding open ports...
chmod command to make subdirectories executable
Installing Adobe Acrobat on Linux 64
Linux/UNIX find command
Linux list IP addresses on a LAN
Niceness and my favored process...
How to get hardware MAC address...
Installing Adobe Reader on Fedora...
yum trick...
HTML mark-up from tree
disown: leave owned processes running after quitting console
Leave processes running after quitting console
Orphan a processe by quitting console
CPU (core) temperatures
How to get and use a YouTube video downloader
How to upgrade youtube-dl
Reformat an external USB 3 drive from NTFS to EXT4
Using top and renice to change priority
chattr versus chmod
Using etckeeper with Git
Find hanging process using ss
top says a process using up 100%+ of CPU?
pmap reports the memory map of a process
Getting source-code-pro font
Great Linux commands (column, multitail)
diff: files in separate filesystems
Some good command-line tricks...
bash history options...
How to set up a systemd service...
How to get rid of ghostscript (gs) alias
Creating users on headless Linux
Accessing Windows rooted paths from Linux
Filesystem full/full disk
Freeing up space from root filesystem
Filtering non-obvious stuff to hide it from Timeshift
Sharing directories between hosts using sshfs
Zipping up a subdirectory
Zipping up files from subdirectory
Installing Adobe Acrobat Reader on Linux
Print (or Save) HTML/CSS as PDF (Adobe Acrobat Reader format)
Recursive list of last-modified under subdirectory
Linux kernel message buffer: How to use the dmesg command
How to do POST with the curl command
How to use 7z on Linux
Useful links
Apache modules
The grand httpd.conf example
Using log4j
Source code example—more complete!
External modification of log4j behavior
A more basic variation
Other behavior variations
Properties: logging level
More on properties: set logging level
Web applications
log4j from Eclipse
Where to put
Where to put (or log4j.xml): round 2 with support for JSF and Spring
Java service wrapper
Changing level at runtime
Some links...
A great example of a production properties file...
Errors encountered and solved
Locking when logging—performance considerations
Configuring log4j starting in v2
Logging sins—don'ts
Outputting package paths in log
What does %-5level mean in a logging PatternLayout?
Pattern layout in log4j.xml...
Tilde (~) and brackets in a stack trace...
Getting logging working (to a file) running JUnit from IntelliJ IDEA
Fixing NumberFormatException in log4j.xml
Comparing log4j 1 versus logback versus log4j 2 versus slf4j
How to change log4j.xml configuration between development and production?
How to change log4j.xml configuration between development and production? (at build time)
How to turn off logging programmatically...
A logging strategy explained
Effect of changes on-the-fly and need to bounce consuming product
Using Logback
Effect of changes on-the-fly and need to bounce consuming product
Why is subdirectory catalina.home_IS_UNDEFINED created when I build?
Package path name abbreviation (Conversion Word)
Package path name abbreviation (Conversion Word)
Package path name abbreviation (Conversion Word)
Logstash notes
Field types
Appendix: Filebeat and Logstash configuration
Filebeat Dockerfile
Logstash Dockerfile
Logstash 08-cef.conf
CEF sample
Appendix 2: on writing a Logstash filter...
Appendix 3: splitting up filters
Appendix 4: debugging filters
Debugging filter health at start-up
Debugging filter workings
Appendix 5: more filters
including working filter examples
Lombok notes
Fabrication of a bean
Fabrication of a bean
Fabrication of a builder—nonnull
Macintosh notes
How to fix "unnatural" scrolling
How to get the console
sudo on the Macintosh
.bashrc on the Macintosh
How to mount an ISO file from the filesystem
MakeMKV on Linux
Table of Contents
Installing/Updating MakeMKV
Step 1: Downloads
Step 2: apt-get update and add essential packages
Step 3: Unpack
Step 4: Build and install makemkv-oss package
Step 5: Build and install makemkv-bin package
Step 6: (Optional?) Build with latest libavcodec
Step 7: Build and add ccextractor to preferences
Step 8: Configure and build makemkv-oss (again?) with ffmpeg
Step 9: Clean-up
Appendex: Using manual DVD (Blu-ray) mode
Registration (activation) key
Second exercise: attempting to rip George C. Scott's A Christmas Carol
A ripping example...
S'up with what's on this disk?
MakeMKV displays "POSIX error"
Disk won't eject manually or under software (Nautilus)
Map-reduce and Hadoop notes
Mappers, reducers, key-value pairs, input and output files
Maven notes
What is Maven?
Install latest Maven on Linux
Maven lifecycle phases or targets
Building the new project
Running the newly built project
Using Maven behind a proxy
Maven 3 and versions of dependencies
Maven and "scope"
"Shaded" JARs
JAVA_HOME and Maven...
Useful Maven commands...
When experiencing inexplicable Maven errors...
Interdependence and hierarchy
Maven dependencies
Dependency and dependency management
List of Maven build targets
Maven's eclipse:eclipse
Using or not Maven: Apache HTTP as a practical example
A brief exposé on Maven dependency
Deploying artifacts from the deploy Maven lifecycle
Converting a newly set up or existing project to Maven in Eclipse
How Maven inheritance works (and a note on aggregation)
How Maven repositories work
static JARs in a respository
lib subdirectory as a respository
Local-to-project Maven respository
How to create Maven local repositories (faster way)
How to create Maven local repositories
How to create Maven local repositories
Could not resolved dependencies ... not reattempted until ...
More on using Maven to generate repository filesystem (deploy to Nexus)...
More on using Maven to generate repository filesystem (deploy to local filesystem)...
hostname in certificate didn't match
Symbol TestName causes "org.junit.rules does not exist"
Maven "lastUpdated" problem...
commons-io.jar: Apache Commons I/O not in Maven?
Echoing Maven property definitions
Echoing Maven properties
'dependencies.dependency.version' for [...] jar is missing
A build timestamp and/or version, etc. for MANIFEST.MF
Hierarchical pom.xml files in projects
Non-resolvable parent POM for ...
      Could not find artifact ...
      parent.relativePath points at wrong local POM
Multimodule with NAR, RPM, etc.
See values of properties/macros/variables/etc.
Sharing code from the test aspect/scope of one module in multimodule project
Renaming modules especially in a multimodule project
Different profiles in Maven
How to trigger a profile during a build?
Simplest way to achieve the building of an executable JAR using Maven
How to build a JAR or other artifact without a version?
Install created JAR in local repository with maven-install-plugin
Generate JAR with source code inside
Generate JAR with Javadoc
How to replace installation of JAR in ~/.m2/repository
How to implement an automatically incrementing build number
Note: (build number) Why use phase test instead of validate?
Life cycles, goals and phases
Putting source code and class files into a JAR
Maintaining multiple consumed libraries...
Maven and Docker notes
Spotify plug-ins
The exec-maven-plugin from Code Haus
Steps to work through this build enhancement
Creating an artifact to deliver
Tracking changing versions (as Docker tags)
Appendices: what's left?
Appendices: other issues
Useful links
Maven multimodule project notes
Maven plug-in notes
Maven and mojo
Useful links
Steps to set up a plug-in development project
Command-line invocation shorthand
Debugging steps
Failed to execute goal
MDHT Notes
Quick-start (recognition)
Quick-start (generation)
Hidden wrappering (entryRelationship)...
Shallow-copying objects
Deep-copying objects
Appendix: Library JARs, pom.xml and Maven
Appendix: Tricks—quick display...
On-premises installation
Exposing language-specific intefaces...
Exposing Java intefaces...
Building with Maven...
Exposing Python intefaces...
Maven links
Maven-Eclipse integration
Maven-Eclipse integration video links
m2eclipse available archetypes (list)
Mouse and keyboard lore
Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard on Linux Mint (key assignment)
Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard on Linux
Compositing special characters
Logitech double-click problem
Notes on microservices
Languages used
Strangler pattern
Linux Mint support username
Linux Mint notes
Installation quirks
How to make /etc/resolv.conf work the way it used to...
How to fix advanced packaging tool proxy issues
How to fix Firefox proxy issues
Final proxy solution
How to relocate bottom panel to top
How to install a new launcher in the top panel
Can't edit launcher in the top panel
Screenshot on Mint Cinnamon...
How to make console window title bars show active/inactive
Window tiling
How to restore the Gnome workspace switcher to the panel
How to add a workspace in Cinnamon
How to get wireless working on Mint 13
How to set up a printer on Mint 13
How to set up rdesktop
Screensaver on Mint
Upgrading Mint
Burning an ISO (Brasero, K3B)...
Burning files to disk using K3B...
Booting directly to console prompt, no X Windows GUI
Setting static IP address on Mint
Time and date settings
Thawing Cinnamon...
Mounting a network drive in Cinnamon...
Microphone on Cinnamon
Chrome/Shockwave Flash freezes
Programming menu missing in Cinnamon start
Ensuring ssh and scp working on new installation
Change hostname (permanently)
How to get workspaces and the panel representation
Upgrade from Mint 18 Sarah to 18.2 Sonya
Installing Sun VirtualBox...
Failing Ethernet and USB of Dell docking station
With installation of Linux Mint 19, Google Chrome doesn't open
How to set up network-time synchronization
How to force updates that Ubuntu (and Mint) that keep back
How to force updates that Ubuntu (and Mint) that hold back
How to force Ubuntu (and Mint) updates that are being held back
How to force Ubuntu (and Mint) updates that are being kept back
How to pair a mouse and the nib it's divorced from
How to instruct Nemo and others what to run...
Mint: Preferred Application...
How to set up alien in order to build RPMs
How to create a bootable USB drive for Linux Mint
Prevent focus stealing—stop browser from switch workspace when opening a link
How to install youtube_dl on Linux Mint 20.1
How to relocate Chrome tabs and windows to another workspace
(Mint/Cinnamon) GUI static IP address
Static IP address—the right way!
MKVToolNix&mdashMatoska tools for Linux/Unix
Installing/Updating MakeMKV
How to tell Plex one or more files is a single video
How to combine two MKV files into a single video
How to combine two MKV files into a single video, second try
Frequently used cribs...
Same mocked call, multiple answers...
The Answer construct...
A newer way: given( ... )
anyObject() and matchers
Catch-exception example
Supposedly mocked code is executed
"Cannot resolve method 'thenReturn()'"
Faking, mocking and stubbing...
Mocks in testing
When to use MongoDB
Myriad miscellaneous notes
Many and more great links...
Quick Start
Query operators
Update operators
Deletion options
Indices (indexes)
The Java side
$or in Java
ObjectId used as OIDs
Common errors
Schema solutions: arrays
Exploring $set updates
More exploring $set updates
Quick and dirty Mongo set-up code
Exploring arrays...
How to add an array to a MongoDB document in Java...
The $ (positional) operator for updating array elements
Voting to replace a primary...
Locking in MongoDB
Colorizing the MongoDB interactive shell...
Benchmarking MongoDB...
MongoDB 2.6 webinar notes
MongoDB error- and exception handling (in Java)
MongoDB Chef recipes
Asya Kamsky on large arrays in MongoDB...
Sample Java code
Sample Java code, version 2
How to add an array to a MongoDB document in Java (Achille discussion)
MongoDB Import/Export, quick notes
MongoDB replica set example
Trouble getting MongoDB up after upgrade
MongoDB Security
MongoDB Sharding: Step by step
Notes on MongoDB Training
Quick start
Miscellaneous comments
No usable constructor
Website example
My embedded array example

How to unsuck your résumé

How to clean your motorcycle helmet
How to downgrade Thunderbird on Linux
How to update Firefox or Thunderbird on Linux
How to add rows to or delete rows from a table
Changing password(s) used in Thunderbird
Installing Flash play for Firefox
Thunderbird: how to remove yellow anchor icon
Thunderbird: how to transfer addresses
Thunderbird: how to transfer message filters (rules)
Thunderbird: how to get window layout side by side
Thunderbird: how to inject HTML content inside e-mail content
Resetting a forgotten password...
How to add a new user to MySQL
Batched inserts/updates example
How to grant access to a database
How to change a user's password
How to set up MySQL on Ubuntu/Mint
MariahDB: MySQL in use in Red Hat land...
Here are some command-line notes working with MySQL...
mysqlimport: Error 1045, Access denied...
mysqlimport: Error 13, Can't get stat...
Backing up and transferring to a new server...
Notes on Nargothrond
Server installation
Pre-launch maintenance
Disk list
Additional set-up
Disk table
Naming in Computer Science
Notes on Nevado JMS interface to Amazon Web Services Simple Queueing Service (SQS)
That old, simple JMS sample from Sun
Tying up the JMS lifecycle...
Nevado in a nutshell...
Notes on Sonotype Nexus artifactory
Repository types
Create a new repository in Nexus
How to specify your Nexus repository in pom.xml
How to specify your Nexus repository for Docker
My first experience uploading from command line
Here's how I got pom.xml and JARs to go up
Deploying artifacts to Nexus
Installing Nexus in a Docker container
Deploying artifacts to Nexus from the deploy Maven lifecycle
Maven repositories narrative, an illustration
How to create a user and give it permissions to deploy
Failed to find artifact...
Still failing with 401...
Notes on Apache NiFi
How to get NiFi to work (unsecurely) as before
Unit-testing cribs
Definitive set-up
NiFi lifecycle
Additional documentation
Getting property values
Writing JUnit tests
Property validators
Logging: use conf/logback.xml
Configuring GetFile and PutFile
Another configuration example
Packaging a NAR
Flow-file attributes
IDE debugging of NiFi
"DocGenerator Unable to document: class xyz"
Documenting dynamic properties
NiFi toolbars
NiFi templates
Go here for the best illustrated guide demonstrating Apache NiFi templates
NiFi templating notes
Process groups
Consuming existing templates
Exporting templates for use in other NiFi installations
Importing a template
NiFi logging: use conf/logback.xml
Monitoring using reporting tasks
Monitoring using reporting tasks (continued)
Streams for both input and output
A list of repositories and what they do
Test-framework details
ComponentLog output to console during unit testing
NiFi Expression Language scope in PropertyDescriptors
Back pressure
Migrating to NiFi 1.10.0
Subdirectory for custom processors
More on repositories
The NiFi Registry
Resync'ing flow.xml.gz on a node in a cluster
NiFi cron...
[WARNING] Unable to create a ClassLoader for documenting extensions...
extensions will not be documented
CSS styles in additionalDetails.html...
NiFi logging during JUnit testing (use src/test/resources/logback-test.xml)
Roughing up input- and output streams in onTrigger()
Reading and reopening input- and output streams in onTrigger()
Not seeing provenance data...
Hot loading of (custom) NAR components...
NiFi Expression Language and UpdateAttribute
Processor property' name vs. displayName
Changes to properties and additionalDetails.html do not take effect
NiFi Dynamic Configuration Properties
NiFi Parameters
NiFi versioning: some answers, some questions...
FlowFile objects in debugger
A second custom processor example: two flowfiles split from one
Simulate a queue in front of a processor in JUnit
Process files in a queue, merge them
Tuning for huge numbers of flowfiles
Thread dump of hung or stuck processor
Slowed flow performance with lots of processors
ComponentLog logger = getLogger()
What's the logging level?
Property name versus display name
NiFi Analytics—predicting back-pressure
Additional details, additional resources like images
Penalizing one part of a flow over another...
PutFile on mounted filesystem
Enabling debug logging in JUnit tests
Log customization
Best Practiced for Data Pipeline Error Handling
Process group version and NiFi Registry
NiFi Registry: Git backing database...
All partions have been blacklisted due to failures when attempting to update
NiFi 1.14.0 released
How to get NiFi to work (unsecurely) as before...
"Insufficient history, please try again later"
Load balancing since 1.13.2...
SensitivePropertyProtectionException in NiFi 1.14.0
Trouble starting Docker container
Parameter contexts and inheritance
NiFi Debugging Tutorial
Using client certificates to access the NiFi UI
NiFi memory
NiFi Web UI freezes
20220504">Python in ExecuteScript processor
Creating user certificates...
ConsumeKafka lag
Useful scripts
Failing flowfile handling...
Ordering of relationship arcs with LinkedHashSet...
The JSON type in NiFi and in databases
Debugging: how to configure input processors
NiFi Docker container fails to start
How best to use container-based NiFi?
NiFi cryptominer?
Deleting "empty" process group
Apache NiFi logging support
Determining order of relationship arcs...
View Usage fails to show processor; shows Apache NiFi Overview
Failed to synchronize with Apache NiFi Registry...
Property name validated against (value) invalid because...
Removing attributes from a flowfile...
The use of attribute uuid and other "native" attributes
Recommended resources limits and Kubernetes...
Problem refreshing custom processor's View usage page
Apache NiFi Parameters
Definition of optional NiFi processor properties
NiFi component lifecycle options explained...
Notes on writing and using custom NiFi controller services
Setting up a controller
Consuming the controller above
Implementing and deploying (consuming) a controller...
Writing (JUnit) test code consuming a controller...
Notes on NiFi and Docker
Adding a custom NAR to the Docker image
Look for Apache NiFi Docker images
Here are the basic steps...
Build our new image
Verifying that NiFi is running...
Looking around in the container...
A quick experience
Re-rolling my own NiFi Docker container
Notes on NiFi and Docker, part 2
Build our own Dockerfile to insert our NAR
Create a Dockerfile for NiFi 1.1.2
Create a Dockerfile for NiFi 1.19.1
Useful links
Apache NiFi Guided Tour, part 1
Apache NiFi Guided Tour, part 2
Apache NiFi Guided Tour, part 3
Notes on Apache NiFi Version History
Apache NiFi Versions and Dot Releases
Apache NiFi Maven Plug-in Versions and Dot Releases
Notes on writing a simple custom processor
Writing a custom NiFi processor
Flowfile I/O options
session I/O callbacks
Atomic- references
Transferring the flowfile
Flowfile attributes
Custom processor code
NiFi's JUnit test runner
Output from test
Dealing with logging messages
A second custom processor example
A third custom processor example
Notes on a simple NiFi custom processor project
Project filesystem layout
Maven (pom.xml) files
Appendix: Links
Appendix: Java source code
src/main/resources/META-INF/services/org.apache.nifi.processor.Processor list file
Appendix: A simplified structure
Appendix 4: Names of JARs and NARs in project structure
Appendix 5: My definitive small-NAR pom.xml set
Apache NiFi quick-start
NiFi Registry Notes
Preliminary notes
The set-up tutorial
Setting up a secure Apache NiFi Registry
Setting up a secure Apache NiFi to integrate with a secure NiFi Registry
Storing versioned flows in a Git repository
Appendix: a practical experience...
Importing a versioned flow...
Appendix: Useful links
NiFi templating notes
Instructions on creating a flow to become a template
Create a template
Download a template (saving to the filesystem for distributing)
Upload a template (from the filesystem to your NiFi UI canvas)
Use a template (in your flow on the NiFi UI canvas)
Notes on Tuning Apache NiFi
When to use NoSQL databases, especially MongoDB
NoSQL types
Random advice
Viber, MongoDB and Couchbase
MongoDB & Bitcoin: How NoSQL Design Flaws Brought Down Two Exchanges
Four major groupings of NoSQL
MongoDB: not all sunshine and rainbows
Notes on ntp
Installing ntp
Starting, bouncing or stopping...
Choosing (adjusting, correcting) timezone
Notes on htpdate
Notes on Nvidia and Monitors
PCI Express cards, et al.
How to keep internal video after adding video card
Notes on ObjectAid
Notes on Object-oriented Programming
Common mistakes in class design
The law of Demeter
Dependency injection
OpenOffice/LibreOffice Notes
Templates: a way to configure most OpenOffice applications
How to fix the ugly default font (Liberation Sans) and size (18)...
How to halt automatic "correction" of capitalization...
Drawing tricks, wavy lines and curved arrows in Draw...
Transparent objects in LibreOffice Draw...
Notes on our openssl...
Signed certificates
Self-signed certificates
Notes on our oven...
Fixing our ovens...
PBS Blu-ray discs and MakeMKV
What happened to discs beginning with Downton Abbey, season 5?
Example of a solution
Specific details: Downton Abbey, Season 5 discs
Specific details: Downton Abbey, Season 6 discs
Relevant links
Notes on PDF
Open HTML to PDF
Apache Tika
Welcome to Perl...
More handy stuff...
Cell-phone notes
Samsung Galaxy s9
Language notes
Forms and input...
Plex Media server notes
(Index on page)
Plex Media user's guide
Installing Plex Media Server
Determining if Plex is installed and running
How does Plex know where your server is (IP address)?
Adding a new Plex Media Server (bringing it up)
Updating Plex Media Server
Restoring to older version
How to get DVD or Blu-ray content using Handbrake
Examples of organizing media content
Television example 1: Inspector Lewis
Television example 2: Fires of Faith
Movie example: Errand of Angels
Movies with multiple parts
Getting ready to rip media content
Episode-naming phenomena, specials, out-takes, bonus material
Subtitles and other things hard-to-ponder
Steps to getting "after-market" subtitles
Content type (TV or movie?)
Updating Plex' record of your content
Fixing an incorrect match
Fixing an incorrect match (2)
Naming privately provided movie trailers
Blocking further changes by Plex
Fixing an incorrect match (television)
Splitting identical or similar titles
Handling DVD/Blu-ray "extras"
Sharing your Plex server with others
Manage libraries others see
Help others sign up for and use your content
Appendix: Plexifying (ingesting) ripped content
To change or set the image for the series
Appendix: Handheld displayable formats
Appendix: Migrating (moving) Plex media content
Appendix: Getting lists of your media
Appendix: Firefly: DVD order agent
Appendix: Creating collections of content
Appendix: Images for Plex metadata
Appendix: Plex metadata notes
Appendix: Music
Appendix: Miscellaneous
Appendix: Plex Media Server log files
Appendix: Plex Media Server and router status
Plex Media server—installation details
(index on page)
Plex Media server (move or clone)
Plex Media server (new installation)
Plex Media server
One, two, three...
Signing up for Plex
Resetting your Plex password
Accepting a shared-server invitation
How does the Plex Media Server work?
Viewing content
How to watch on your television set
Assigning the Roku PIN
Handheld displayable formats
Plumbing Notes and Tricks
Removing (glued) PVC fittings with a hot hole saw
Water-hammer arrestor
Washing machine water-hammer arrestor
Other, water-hammer arrestors
Basic, vanilla pom.xml
Notes on PostgreSQL
Basic set-up
Setting a password for user postgres
Start pgAdmin III...
User postgres
Creating a database with schema (table), etc.
Auto-incrementing fields
Executing the contents of an SQL script file
Docker and PostgreSQL
PostgreSQL JDBC (including examples)
Sample JDBC code
Issuing a query
Issuing a query using a PreparedStatement
Notes on PostgreSQL and data-typing
Using a cursor
Binary data
Java 8 (Joda) time and PostgreSQL time
Miscellaneous statements
Data-type mappings...
PostgreSQL on Windows 7
Pride and Prejudice timeline
Prius notes
Notes on gas mileage...
Using an iPod
Using a thumb drive with MP3s in place of an iPod
Update on using a thumb drive
Michelin tires
Costco tires
Gas mileage Fall 2015
Service record
Service: How to reset the oil-change indicator
Prius YouTube videos
PyCharm Professional: Python Development
This is mostly notes on setting up and heading toward Flask
PyCharm: Python Development with IntelliJ
Installing PyCharm
PyCharm first run (quick-start)
PyCharm keyboard mappings
PyCharm editor font
Set Python version
Fix missing third-party or system import
PyDev: Python Development Plug-ins for Eclipse
Installing PyDev
Python notes
What's wrong with Python?
Crib sheet
Commonly claimed disadvantages of Python
Commonly claimed advantages of Python
Python version history
String operations
Load module dynamically
List operations
Dictionary operations
Miscellaneous links
Import problems
Project structure
SAX XML parser
Function arguments
Traceback or stackcrawl
Uninitialized and unused variables
TypeError argument number problem
Switch statement example
Dictionaries including sorting
Failure to instantiate
Python variables especially from a Java point of view
JSON encode/decode lifecycle...
Classes, self and not classes...
Table comparing Python, Java, C/C++, underscore functions, etc.
regex-bad">Bad regex pattern
PYTHONPATH portability in PyDev
A hexdump program in Python
Python global vs. local variables
Using datetime in a log with microseconds
Keyword parameters to a function...
On *args, **kwargs, etc.
Dynamic or difficult importing
Random string id
Python exception handling
Exception handling, part II: in an application setting
Exception handling, part III: printing the exception as a string
Profiling example/template
"unindent does not match any outer indentation level"
Exception raising and catching...
mmap() turns a file into a string efficiently!
Python needle in a haystack...
A hexdump program in Python
Configuration-file parsing...
String or integer?
Sort a dictionary alphabetically
Python version history
HTTP client
How to die in the debugger instead of the shell
Sample: ftvalidation, a file-type validator
Sample Python data structure-to-XML serializer
Python test-mocking notes
Running a unit test from the command line
Function redirection for mocking
Mocking examples
How to "unmock"...
Mocking methods...
Python testing notes
Running a unit test from the command line
Getting a unit test to work
Unit testing
Unit testing, skip test case
Unit-test aids for printing (and not printing)
Unit testing by asserting an exception raised
unittest @classmethod example
Python unit-testing utilities and unit test skeleton
Python unit-testing sample
Python Tomboy notes
string operations
list operations
dictionary operations
load module
tempfile example
unit testing
argument parsing
time_t in Python
SQL with SQLAlchemy
SAX Parser Sample
File I/O
Regular Expressions
Notes on Quartz job scheduler/manager
Notes on Message Queues
Two classes of queues
RabbitMQ Notes
Terminology and concepts
Visualize the mechanics
ZFS on Linux
Some documents about ZFS
RAID notes
ZFS practical
Server installation
Pre-launch maintenance
And now, for zfs
zfs terminology
Beginning the serious work...
We get down to it...
Starting over...
Disk table
Disk-related status
Launching the Redis server
Launching the command-line Redis client against the server
A Java-based consumer
Redis Java clients
Cultural and Other References
Short contact/brief glances/jumping to conclusions
India is the product...
Star Trek
Shaka, when the walls fell
H. L. Mencken
Notes on our refrigerators
Replacing water filter...
Water trickles too slowly
Pulling the refrigerator out...
Remmina Remote Desktop Client
ReST Notes
Useful links not to forget...
ReST API design guidelines
ReST API design, part 2
ReST verb primer
ReST HTTP status codes
Path parameters and objects
Understanding and converting entities in Jersey
Don't forget handling of embedded objects
Duplicate property names
XmlRootElement naming
Sample Jersey JAX-RS ReST suite with Spring and Hibernate
How to serialize the lowly HashMap
Jersey support for security via annotations
Quick-start for writing a ReST application/server
ReST reference implementation illustration
Importance of path and parameters
ReST-ify SQL data
Distribution: ReST or web service versus a JAR
Testing JAX-RS web service URIs without mocks
HTTP ETag (entity tag)
Logging the ReST implementation
Tools and technologies for the ReST implementation
Tools and technologies for the ReST implementation
REST-assured notes
Working example
Rhetorial devices
RipperX Nnotes
Notes on the Roku 3 Streaming Player
Watching episodes of a television show
Using Roku 3's USB port
Live example setting up the Plex Media application on Roku
How to turn on subtitles for a movie or show...
Links and Troubleshooting the Roku 3
As my roof nears 20 years...
Inquiring about a package...
Notes on upgrading...
Generating a spec...
Notes on Ruby
Ruby Scratch Pad
Ruby quick-install
Try out using JSON input
Ruby Training Notes
Using the Simple API for XML (SAX) Parser
How to create a handler
How to register a handler with the parser
Integrated instantiation and handling
DefaultHandler methods
ContentHandler methods
LexicalHandler methods
Using Locator for line numbers
Comparison of handler interfaces
Java samples
Python samples
Java code for creating schema from XML
Straight-forward example of SAX parser handler
HTML parsing with TagSoup
Dummy SAX Parser (demonstrated)
The JUnit test
The handler
SAX Parser Locator
SAX handler source code
The debugger/printer facility
JUnit test
Parting note (on unexpected)
SAX Parser locator Facility, Part 2
Adapation of SampleHandler...
Awakening the ParserHandlerPrinter utility from JUnit
The printer utility code...
SAX Parser locator Facility, Part 3
Random notes on Scala, mostly on back-translating to Java
General notes
Sloppy Scala programming
case class
-> operator
_ (underscore) operator
Ternary operator
Icons in IntelliJ IDEA
"Companion" objects
Unit in Scala
Seq and List in Scala
Multiple .map() calls in initialization
Operators /: (foldLeft()) and :\ (foldRight())
Seagate 320Gb disk drive crash
Trying to recover my Plex Media Server metadata
How to replace a string in thousands of files...
How to sed from bash...
How to embed paths and variables inside sed in a shell script
Notes on Sheetrock
How to put up sheetrock
How to do mud and tape
How to texture
Selenium web-application testing
Simple web application
Set up Tomcat
Troubleshooting start-up/launch errors
Troubleshooting the inevitable HTTP Status 404
HTTP status code 404: it's the very devil!
HTTP status code 406: it's the Accept: mismatch
More notes: adding a servlet initializer
Appendix: HTTP Status 500, conflicting URI templates
Appendix: HTTP Status 500 error
Appendix: HTTP Status 500, Media-type conflict
Appendix: Simple web application blanks (pom.xml, web.xml) and Java blanks
A simple web servlet in Jersey
Launch IntelliJ IDEA
Servlet code
Status/helper code
Servlet-initializer code
IntelliJ IDEA web framework
Run/Debug configuration
Result of HTTP GET
Runtime, ... errors
...especially HTTP status code 404 errors
Appendix: Reaching local resources (example)
Appendix: Linking to another page
Sleep Number beds
When the pump no longer fills the mattress(es)
Using slf4j
Getting warnings and NoSuchMethodError with slf4j and logback
Logging fails to behave or to work at all...
Effect of changes on-the-fly and need to bounce consuming product
SmartLife/Tuya home device notes
SmartLife device set-up
Notes on smoke detectors
Randomly firing smoke detectors
Notes on Masterbuilt smoker
Starting instructions and notes
A note on setting the time...
My rub recipe
A short rant on dried-out meat
First trial: pulled pork and back ribs
Second trial: four racks of baby-back ribs
Third trial: beef brisket
Snake Yaml rudiments
Basic usage
Handle custom type
Extend to handle nested types
How to build software
Useful links
Tutorial steps
Solar power notes
Apache Solr
SOLID principles for writing better object-oriented code
Favor composition over inheritance
Observations on Spanish
Where to go to download JARs
Where is stuff?
Secret sauce for Hibernate templates
A Spring Boot tutorial
Notes on Modern Spring
Notes on Sprinklers
My sprinkler valves are RainBird®
Sprinklers don't turn off after zone finishes watering
SQL Notes
Naming objects
Aligning/indenting SQL code
Commenting SQL code
Inserting values
Command syntax
Data types
Table JOINs
SQLException: A string constant ... is too long
Random SQL Examples
Setting up SSH keys...
Why generate an SSH key?
How to generate an SSH key
What to do with the new key
Offending key for IP in...
Errors along the way?
Special operations (xclip)
...port 22: Connection refused
Warning: the ECDSA host key for (hostname) differs from the key for the IP address
Secure-socket Layer (SSL)...
Subtitle and Subtitling Notes
Finding suitable subtitles for a given title
Downloading subtitles
Uploading subtitles to Plex Media (browser application)
(As yet random notes on) Subtitling...
Getting the Retain source code...
Starting out...
Checking out the build...
Seeing only merged files during an update...
Adding a new file or subdirectory...
Committing (checking in) changes to a file...
Updating (checking out) a file...
Checking for changes...
Examining the log file/checking for differences...
Branching development trees...
Branching in svn...
Retagging files...
Bitchin’ and moanin’...
Source-code check-out...
Sample svn session...
Deep sewage and snorkling...
Resolving conflicts in TortoiseSVN
Failure to commit
Notes on tablets I own
Come on, Baby, wipe my Fire
Notes on Test-driven Development
Documentation-driven Design
Why TDD?
Best practices
Three common mistakes
Getting started...and my TDD example
TeamViewer Notes
Installation instructions
On Windows...
And, here's how to launch it
Here's how to use it
You're the managed desktop...
You're the managing (or observing) desktop...
Television notes
Samsung televisions
75" backplane
Review and features...
Televisions: Refresh at 120Hz versus 60Hz...
How I tile floors...
Instructions for using ProKarma timesheet
Notes on setting up host tol-eressëa
Server installation
Pre-launch maintenance
The crash...
ZFS: Changing direction a bit...
And now, for zfs
zfs terminology
Disk table
Disk-related status
Apache 2 web server, PHP, Java 7 and Tomcat
TestNG Notes
Frequently used cribs...
@BeforeMethod behavior
Apache Tika Notes
Super simple use of Apache Tika
The name
Tirion, the name
Desktop installation
The build
Populating the case
Noctua cooling solution
Finishing the build
Install Linux Mint with Cinnamon Desktop
Using two HP ZR30w monitors
The rebuild
A new ATX case
The graphics card
Memory use
More on GPUs and Asus BIOS
Tolkien Notes
Elrond Half-elven's genetics
Major battles of the First Age
The fall of the major elf realms of the First Age
Lyrics to movie music
Notes on Tomboy
Installing Tomboy
Diacritics note
HTTP status codes note
UNIX Filesystem Permissions
SAX Parser Sample
Synchronizing notes across computer hosts
Apache Tomcat installation
Installing Apache Tomcat as a service
Installation on Ubuntu 22.04 Server
Red Hat platform cribs
Random Tomcat notes
Undeploying from Tomcat
APR Apache Tomcat Native library
SSL and Tomcat's server.xml
SSL and Tomcat's server.xml (part 2)
How to use a Sun JRE with Tomcat...
Tomcat-deployed application behaves peculiarly (load-balancing)...
See if Tomcat is holding port 8080
Log files too big, flooding disk, etc....
JAVA_HOME for Tomcat
Replacing Java 6 with Java 7
Application deployed, but Tomcat gives back HTTP Status 404 Not Found
The SEVERE: Error filterStart mess...
Useless ${catalina.home} property...
Getting into the Tomcat Web Application Manager
How to make a web application Tomcat's root application
Tomcat context
Tomcat 6 access log example
Debugging the dreaded "SEVERE: ERROR LISTENERSTART"
Forcing Tomcat to use NIO...
Example of how to find JARs by symbol
servlet-api.jar needed for JAX-RS use
Apache Tomcat on Linux
Apache Tomcat as a service on Linux
HTTP 404 status error or 406, 415, 400 errors
web.xml Start here, make servlet-name identical to the servlet's project name
Remote access
Remove Tomcat Manager access
Hosted application access
Tomcat vs. Jetty
Tomcat versus application memory
Tomcat memory heap when run as a service
An HTTP client to talk to Tomcat (or any such thing)...
Tomcat woes...
Tomcat memory settings...
Safe to remove catalina.out?
Rotating catalina.out...
More Apache Tomcat notes
Bumping Tomcat's memory
Bumping memory for the application(s) Tomcat manages
How port numbers work in Tomcat
Tomcat Manager
Demystifying Tomcat logging...
Tomcat and Docker notes on accessibility...
Tomcat and Docker notes on memory...
Apache Tomcat Notes
Using logrotate to roll catalina.out...
Useful links
Apache Tomcat over TLS/SSL
How to Set Up HTTPS SSL on Tomcat
Tomcat self-signed certificates
Notes on setting up TLS in Tomcat and Docker
Tomcat 9's shipping server.xml
Insert TLS configuration into Tomcat 9's server.xml
How (officially) to get a certificate from an authority
Generating a self-signed certificate
Testing Tomcat via TLS
What to do for Docker?
In summary, setting up Tomcat on TLS in Docker...
Tomcat and Apache 2 in Co-existence
How to install a private copy of Tomcat...
How to associate Tomcat with Eclipse
How to create a Tomcat server in Eclipse
How to run Tomcat in Eclipse
How to change the port on which Tomcat runs
catalina.out and other log files when run under Eclipse
Tomcat server-state in Eclipse
Solving the Tomcat/Logback nightmare
Notes on animal traps
We started trying to trap a squirrel
We're still trying to trap a squirrel...
Next step...
Notes on port-forwarding (tunneling)
Notes on IP tunnels
Notes on tunnels
Setting up Ubuntu: first thing
Hacking Ubuntu root password...
Hacking Ubuntu root password...
More Ubuntu installation stuff...
Ubuntu CD access under VMware...
More Ubuntu installation stuff...
chkconfig on Ubuntu
Wireless printing on Ubuntu
Ubuntu: fix position of GNOME title-barbuttons
Advanced packaging tool not working...
Moving from DHCP to static IP addresses on Ubuntu server
Whoa, here's a nasty thing...
How to set a static IP address...
How to set up a new launcher on the Unity desktop...
How to toss the Unity desktop for GNOME (and sanity)...
sudo once you've wrecked it...
Ubuntu Update Manager failure
Ubuntu RAID1 links
Solution to adding Eclipse to the Unity task bar
Bad time in Unity top bar
Unity screenshot
Typing diacritics or accented characters
Clearlooks on the Unity desktop
Salvation from Unity
Unity freezes
Changing hostname on Ubuntu Server
Returning to sanity from Gnome 3 overlay scrollbars
How to unfreeze Precise
Installing Audacious Audio Player on Ubuntu/Mint
How to change hostname on Ubuntu/Mint
Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard on Linux
"Starting configure network device security [fail]"
Failure to ping outside of LAN, ping
How to disable automatic updates on Ubuntu server
Ubuntu Server 14.04 Trusty Tahr failed to reboot adding swap...
Install ssh server...
How to remove offending RSA key
apt-get Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11. Resource temporarily unavailable)
Ubuntu server hostname change...
How to install static IP address during Ubuntu Server installation
How to set static IP address on Ubuntu Server 22.04...
How to install Ubuntu Server updates via command line
Ubuntu Server updates (autoremove and autoclean)
How to enable the universe repository in Ubuntu 18
How to juggle certificates in Ubuntu (and Mint)
Certificates on other Linux distributions like CentOS...
How to force Ubuntu (and Mint) updates that are being held back
...additional security updates can be applied with ESM Apps
Fonts (Korean, for example) on Ubuntu...
Uncomplicated Firewall (ufw) notes
Common commands
Allow remote clients to reach Tomcat services
Notes on unit testing
Types of testing
Anatomy of a good test case...
Test behavior only—not implementation
Pitfalls in writing unit tests
in and Vim Introduction
Notes on Chevrolet Astro Van
Steps to replace brake pads and repack front wheel bearings
Replace brake pads (alone)
In the doghouse...
Sun VirtualBox Notes
Experience setting up VirtualBox for a Windows VM
Attempt to set up Windows XP VM
Getting Guest Additions to install
Shared-folder joy
Supplementary notes
More installing Guest Additions
Mounting host's optical drive (CD, DVD, etc.) in VM
I hid the VirtualBox menu in the VM and can't get it back
Installing VM from ISO: no bootable medium found
Installing guest additions on a headless-server VM
Mounting a shared folder on a headless-server VM
What a shared folder on a Windows guest looks like
Enabling Intel VT-X on HP EliteDesk 800 American Megatrends, Inc. BIOS
VirtualBox VM networking options matrix
Disable the screensaver of a Linux/headless server VM
modprobe vboxdrv error: "Could not insert..."
modprobe module signing...
Building a Linux VM using an ISO
Notes on Apache Velocity
Apache Velocity terminology
Apache Velocity and resources
Using a string as template
Using VTL macros as variables with hyphens, dots, etc.
Checking for variable definitions and leaving out content
Doing hairy stuff: telephone numbers
Vento Phantom Scooter Notes
Resurrection invoice
Notes on the Vim editor
Vi Cheat (vicheat.gif)
How to search for one word or another
How to wrap/unwrap a paragraph
How to toggle wrapping
How to toggle menu bar in gvim
.vimrc and .viminfo issues
Misbehavior in .viminfo
How to fix last search string...
gvim issues
The 7 habits of effective text editing...
EasyAccent to the rescue...
Copy using mouse...
Find word under cursor...
Accumulated tricks
    Turn off audible beeping.
    Sort a range of lines alphabetically.
    Split window vertically.
    Split window horizontally.
    Visual selection to search.
    Move between Java methods.
    Set number of lines and width of window on the fly.
    Turn off auto-wrapping of text when trying to edit really long lines without causing them to wrap.
    Keep wrapping text (visually), avoid inserting line breaks.
    Append to what's already in a register.
    Sort lines alphabetically using sort from shell.
    gvim: Opening multiple files each in its own tab.
    vim: Launching vim on multiple files in multiple subdirectories.
    Search for a pattern, replace what's found with what's in that pattern and add a newline. (Enhancing X12 segment readability.)
Folding tricks
gvim: Opening multiple files each in its own tab
gvim: GLib-GObject-WARNING **: cannot retrieve class for invalid
Launch gvim/vim on files in subdirectories
Carry on register content to other sessions in .viminfo
How to open files in subdirectories
How to adopt files with a new extension into a filetype
How to reveal bad characters
How to reveal bad (HTML) characters
VMware Notes
VMware Server key
Server schizo...
Installing Windows 2003 Server in VMware on SuSE Linux...
Forwarding searches from Windows 2003 Server in VMware...
GWAVA Development on VMware Server
Preliminary notes...
Installation history
Post-installation remarks
WMware Server: the snapshot
vmwaretools and chkconfig
Loss of configuration
Losing configuration
VPN Notes
Cisco-compatible VPN (VPNC)
VPNC changes file /etc/hosts
vSphere Notes
vSphere at Home Notes
WAR files
Hierarchical JARs
WAR manifest
MANIFEST.MF information
Reading MANIFEST.MF...
Naming the WAR file in Maven
Adding version to the WAR name has consequences...
Including file content in presentation
Debugging Wicket source code
JBoss WildFly
Windoz Notes
Notes on Sears-brand water softeners
Notes on cleaning the resin beads of water softeners
Windoz Notes
net use syntax
DOS basename (in a batch file)
Windows 7 Start Menu
Rid yourself of multiple sign-ins notices from Windows Messenger
Dell Audio drivers for Windows XP
Windows 7: turn off annoying auto-restart messages
PC Wizard: pretty useful sometimes
Setting up Windows XP to use a network printer
Setting up Windows 7 to use a network printer
Switching to AVG for anti-virus protection
Getting diacritics (accented characters) on Windoz
How to mount an ISO...
Wine Notes
TurboTax 2020
Likelihood of joy?
Setting up port-forwarding in PuTTY
Port-forwarding, masquerading, firewall and NAT
Notes on using and maintaining a wok
Peeling and pitting
Wyze Home Products
Quick-start for Cam v3
Notes on XML, XSD and XSLT
X12 notes
XQuery and Saxon Notes
Missing packages
ZFS for Linux
Notes on Apache Zookeeper

Keys, certificates, openssl and keytool
Configuring Tomcat and Clients for TLS
Configuring Tomcat and Clients for TLS, repeat on different remote host
certificates.html Overview of certificates (theory).
Notes on digital certificates
Let's get a certificate (for free)
Internal structure of an X.509 v3 certificate
How public encryption works (step-by-step)
Appendix: list of console commands
certificates-2.html More and specific technical details (openssl) on certificates.
More notes on digital certificates—especially as concerns Tomcat
Generating a self-signed certificate...
Integrating Tomcat with the certificate...
java-keytool.html While this is about creating artifacts that are put into a Java keystore and truststore, most of the work is done using openssl
(though much of that could probably be done using keytool).
Also, the password option to openssl.
Java keytool notes
Make a server key store
Make a server trust store
Make a user key store
keytool-experience.html Failed attempt to use PKCS12.
Credential inspection
StandardRestrictedSSLContextService configuration
Errors in StandardRestrictedSSLContextService
Other things I tried
Useful links and notes
My question in NiFi User's forum
openssl.html Self-signed certificates and PKCS12
Notes on our openssl...
Signed certificates
Self-signed certificates
Generating self-signed certificates for Tomcat and its client(s)
tomcat-tls.html How to set up HTTPS/SSL/TLS on Tomcat in 5 steps.
Apache Tomcat over TLS/SSL
How to Set Up HTTPS SSL on Tomcat
tomcat-tls-docker.html How to generate a self-signed certificate using keytool.
Testing Tomcat via TLS...
What to do for Docker?
Notes on setting up TLS in Tomcat and Docker
Tomcat 9's shipping server.xml
Insert TLS configuration into Tomcat 9's server.xml
How (officially) to get a certificate from an authority
Generating a self-signed certificate
Testing Tomcat via TLS
What to do for Docker?
In summary, setting up Tomcat on TLS in Docker...

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Standard layout...
Preset output variables...
Configuration header theory...
Super targets...
Naming schemes (primaries)...
Shadow variables...
Super targets...
Source files, headers and libraries...
Plain, old makefile syntax...
Installing a package...
Removing a package...
Inquiring about a package...
Package information...
More notes on upgrading...
Generating a spec...
Debian package manager details