Notes on TIG, zTIG, universal life, etc.

TIG stands for "taxable interest generator." ZTIG stands for "zero taxable interest generator." It's "indexed universal life minus unneeded bells and whistles."

Example from slides...

At end, there is a balance, say $450k. We start taking a loan, at Moody's corporate index rate, of $58k per annum for rest of lifetime.

This means a balance owed plus interest that augments perilously (see slide). However, the $450k remains untouched. At death, the loan is paid off leaving most of the $450 because it's a) untouched and b) been growing and making Aviva (Accordia, whatever) a pile of money since we started paying and the $450k sat there.

So, the money is not actually "untouched." Instead, what's going on is the death benefit decreases. This benefit decreases until the actuary tables say we'll die (79 or 78) at which point the death benefit actually starts going back up again. At age 100 for woman, benefit is in excess of $2m.