VPN Notes

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Cisco-compatible VPN (VPNC)

If you need to install support for this VPN, do this:

root@nargothrond:~# apt-get install network-manager-vpnc-gnome

Find your Network Settings/Network Connections dashboard; it's usually accessible via an icon in your (Gnome) panel at top right. Choose Network Connections.

We're going in essence to add a new connection, so click the + sign.

Scroll down to the list of available VPN connections and choose the Cisco-compatible connection.

Next, click Create.

Now fill in the configuration.

If you need advanced configuration...

The result is...


VPNC changes file /etc/hosts

I kept losing settings (entries) I'd made to /etc/hosts overnight or after reboot. It was mysterious because I thought I owned this file. Not so. And it's not really after reboot. It's because VPNC makes a copy of this file, in case it decides to change it (I guess, though I've never seen it add anything).

The solution is simple. If you add something to /etc/hosts, do it when VPNC is not running. Superstitiously, I don't add anything no matter what VPN is running—I have to run up to two of them in my work.