YaST (yet another set-up tool)

Random notes on the use of YaST, SuSE Linux' package software managing wizard.

Missing packages...

The YaST Software Managment wizard is an elaborate package manager and tabulator that is bewildering and frustrating when you don't understand how it works.

After installing SuSE Linux, the Software Management wizard knows about a certain number of packages in repositories. The ones it knows about are usually few, usually not ones developers are interested in, and, consequently, frustrating and useless.

The solution is to add to this tool's collection. This is done by choosing another YaST wizard, Community Repositories, and adding more. In particular, add the following:

You can use another wizard, Software Repositories, to list the ones you've got. The next time you use YaST's Software Management wizard, you'll find a lot more packages including, probably, the one you want.

Work the filter in this wizard by typing in the name of a package or part thereof. For example, if you want to use gvim, a graphics version of the Vim editor, just type “gvim”.