Russell Bateman
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Microservices are (really) small services (or service fragments) that make up a single, purposeful application. Why are microservices so compelling? Summed up in a single expression, it's technical debt. Or, the reduction of it.

Strangler pattern

This pattern is used to migrate a monolithic application to a suite of microservices. A service or aspect of a service is chosen for migration, written anew, greenfield or adapted from existing code, but separated out from the monolith yet leaving the monolith version intact and functioning. Traffic is gated through the new component to share the load with the original implementation. Good processes, testing, deployment, etc. characterize the new version. Eventually, traffic through the legacy component can be shut off in favor of using only the new component. This process is repeated (or engaged simultaneously) for other aspects of the monolith until there is no longer any traffic transiting the old application.