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Single vowels


  a iPad
  eo iPod
  o old
  u new
  eu brook
  i tree
  ya yacht
  yeo yummy
  yo yogurt
  yu unicorn

Double and triple vowels

(Combinations of single vowels; produces lots of
apparent homophones, but some are subtly different.)

  [ㅏ + ㅣ]   ae egg
  [ㅓ + ㅣ]   e egg
  [ㅑ + ㅣ]   yae yay
  [ㅕ + ㅣ]   ye yay
  [ㅗ + ㅏ]   wa waawaa
  [ㅗ + ㅏ + ㅣ]   wae way
  [ㅗ + ㅣ]   wi way
  [ㅜ + ㅣ]   wo or weo wah
  [ㅜ + ㅓ + ㅣ]   wei way
  [ㅜ + ㅓ + ㅣ]   wui wee
  [ㅡ + ㅣ]   ui gooey

Some theory...

Korean vowels were created based on

Element Symbol Meaning
sky --sun; in modern Hangul, • becomes ı for earth vowels or - for human vowels*
human --human standing
earth --ground

* hence (for example), ㅗ and ㅏ:

•     +   ㅡ   become   ㅗ
ㅡ   +   •    become   ㅜ
•     +   ㅣ   become   ㅓ
ㅣ   +   •    become   ㅏ

Each Korean vowel is a combination of these three elements.

There are 10 basic vowels:

 ∅ yod
ㅏ (a) ㅑ (ya)
ㅓ (eo) ㅕ (yeo)
ㅗ (o) ㅛ (yo)
ㅜ (u) ㅠ (yu)
plus these two:
ㅣ (i) ㅡ (eu)

and 11 complex vowels (see first part of this page):

ㅐ   (ae)
ㅔ   (e)
ㅒ   (yae)
ㅖ   (ye)
ㅘ   (wa)
ㅚ   (oe)
ㅙ   (wae)
ㅝ   (wo)
ㅟ   (wi)
ㅞ   (we)
ㅢ   (ui)