ElectricCommander, Redmine and other notes

Russell Bateman
February 2014
last update:

ElectricCloud is not open source, but commercial, enterprise-level software that claims to adapt to a company's existing software imperatives and approaches, to automate software delivery.

ElectricCommander is a process-monitoring and -enablement tool that can shepherd software development between developer through test, review, build, deploy and even deployment VM construction and tear-down. Once scenario, extensive, for Huawei, a large Chinese company, went from manual processes to full automation using ElectricCommander. There is a webcast describing this at here. The first 15 minutes are useless commercial advertising for Huawei and the questions at the end (last 10 minutes) are full of useless comments too.

Multiple integration support for Eclipse, Subversion, Git, etc.

The illustration below shows the potential steps in one scenario where a developer makes a code modification to an application, "preflight", and commits it to Subversion. EC notifies an issue tracker (Redmine, an open source project management system) and engages Jenkins to build and test the product, renotifies Redmine, engages a review board to examine the code change, and notifies Redmine of final approval.

The purple was added to show potential fail paths (failed build and failed review)


Redmine is a flexible project management web application written using in Ruby on Rails, cross-platform and cross-database, under the GNU General Public License. See redmine.org.

Features include: