Gnome Notes

VLC player

Don't use it; it's crap. Do this:

    $ sudo apt-get purge vlc

Totem Movie Player

Reconfigure to permit adding to playlist...

...instead of replacing the playlist.

  1. Copy the desktop file locally
        $ cp /usr/share/applications/totem.desktop ~/.local/share/applications
        $ gvim ~/.local/share/applications/totem.desktop
  2. Edit the new configurations file. Insert "--enqueue" as shown in bold into the following line:
        Exec=totem --enqueue %U
  3. Ensure the application isn't running; relaunch it.
  4. Simply drag folders or files from a Nautilus window and drop them in the playlist window (at the right side) of the Totem Movie Player.
    You can also right-click files or folders and choose Open with Movie Player.

Save the playlist

  1. Show playlist by choosing View -> Sidebar and, from the drop-down menu, choosing Playlist.
  2. To save the playlist for future use, please note the buttons across the bottom of the Playlist Sidebar.

Launch a playlist

To launch Movie Player on a playlist, right-click the playlist and choose Open with Movie Player or, from the command line,

    $ totem path-to-playlist &

Keyboard shortcuts in Movie Player

These are valid when Movie Player is the foreground application, but you must first click in the visualization window for the single-letter ones. Search for "KEYBINDINGS" in the man page:

    $ man totem