Notes on our refrigerators

Russell Bateman
June 2021
last update:

Replacing water filter...

This is for Samsung model RF28R7201SR,
serial number 0B2C43BMB00790V.

The replacement water filter link is an Amazon: Waterspecialist DA29-00020B Samsung Water Filter for Refrigerator, Replacement for DA29-00020A/B, HAF-CIN/EXP, DA29-00020B-1, RF25HMEDBSR, RF28HMEDBSR, RS25J500DSR&More Models, 3 Carbon Filters.

It's for 3 filters, cost $29.98.

Water trickles too slowly

For a couple of years, frustratingly, the water dispensed so slow as to require nearly 1 minute to fill a 12-ounce glass. Changing the filter didn't solve it. Ultimately, it was necessary to pull the refrigerator out from the wall. We removed a filter in a cabinet that had kinked the line (the filter was in-line and put there for the original refrigerator). Splicing out the kink did not help. Fiddling with the valve in the wall behind the refrigerator, however, did solve the problem. It would seem that the repairman who came under warranty had created the problem inadvertently.

Pulling the refrigerator out...

This was difficult. Normally, open both door and tug on their handles usually works. Ultimately we snaked a web strap around and two of us pulled it out. It was unclear why or on what it was stuck.