5. JavaServer Pages

JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library (JSTL)

Author: Russell Bateman

Objective: Use JSP in place of servlets to access the database.

A Brief Introduction

The JSTL encapsulates as simple tags the core functionality common to many web applications. JSTL has support for common, structural tasks such as iteration and conditionals, tags for manipulating XML documents, internationalization tags, and SQL tags. It also provides a framework for integrating existing custom tags with JSTL tags.

Most importantly, you need to know that a JAR file, jstl-1.2.jar (or latest version), must be copied to the WebContent/WEB-INF/lib subdirectory of your Eclipe project (this path is WebRoot/WEB-INF/lib for NetBeans, however, NetBeans automatically handles this duty for you). Once copied there, your Eclipse project (as of Eclipse 3.3) will still not really notice it’s there until you right-click on the project icon in the Project Explorer, and choose Refresh.



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