1. Database

JDBC Applications by Study Group Members

At this point, you should have a JDBC applications that loads some dummy or real DVD titles into your database for our J2EE project (the DVD titles database. Here are the presentations of those who have finished so far. (Chris’ is part of his lesson content.)

Author: Russell Bateman

Russ wrote this application for populating the DVD title database. What it does over the original one that Chris wrote is to accept both integers and string arguments for the rating. However, as he really did have an on-line listing of his DVD collection, this is evolving into a real project with successively better versions.

Author: Scott Franson

Scott wrote this advanced application for populating the DVD title database. For Scott’s latest version, see

Features: list database contents; sort by title, year, and rating; search title, year, and rating; import titles via a tabbed-delimited file.

I have made a point to use for experience the following new Java language features: formatted output (printf!); generics (Vector<String>); the new for-each form of the for statment; enums; properties (with default properties).

Of course, as is the point of the assignment, I used the basic JDBC stuff: the DriverManager inteface, ResultSets, executeQuery, and executeUpdate.

Some things I am thinking of adding for grins: using CachedRowSets and FilteredRowSets; ResultSetMetaData; adding a method to add an individual title to the database.