House Circuits

This is only the additional (subpanel) set I added to handle (mostly) the downstairs when I built that in.

The A or B designation refers to left and right of a breaker panel number when viewed with the panel number right-side up, meaning, tip your head left to read 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 and right to read 11, 9, 7, 5, 3, 1.

Left Coverage Right Coverage
12B 20A outlets stairs, east den wall, most of hallway,
corner bedroom
11A 30A shop subpanel
12A 20A outlets wet bar, island; lights wet bar, island, bath 11B 30A shop subpanel
10B 20A unknown 9A 30A shop subpanel
10A 15A outlets sound system family room 9B 30A shop subpanel
8B 15A lights family room sconces, runway 7A 20A outlets den west wall, closets, bath; lights den closets
8A 15A lights family room rope, family room hallway 7B 20A outlets storage room
6B 20A outlets penninsula, television, family room south and west walls, except Christmas tree 5A 20A kitchen pantry
6A 20A outlets sauna (family room east wall) 5B 20A outlets craftroom, hall near storage
4B 30A garage/electric car, 220-Volt 3A 15A lights corner bedroom, craftroom, storage room
4A 30A garage/electric car, 220-Volt 3B 15A outlets east family room
2B 30A garage/electric car, 220-Volt 1A 20A unknown
2A 30A garage/electric car, 220-Volt 1B 20A central vacuum