Notes on APC UPS and graceful shutdown...

...especially under Linux.

Russell Bateman
July 2018
last update:

UPS used to come with a tiny RJ-11 connector to attach to your Windows host in order to tell special software when to shut down gracefully. This didn't work for Linux. Since the advent of USB to replace the RJ-11 and the creation of special drivers, this is now possible.


Of course, when you get to the real Linux steps, if you're running Windows, there's just the software that comes with the APC UPS to install. I don't think I really need to cover that.

What you need is a UPS that is specifically designed to perform shut-down. Schneider Electric's APC SmartUPS line satisfies this.

  1. APC SmartUPS, has USB data port, typically USB 2.0 Type B: e.g.: APC 600VA UPS Battery Backup & Surge Protector
  2. USB cable, type B to type A


  1. Set up UPS according to instructions.
  2. Connect UPS to computer to protect via USB cable above:
  3. Follow instructions to configure and control APC SmartUPS in power failure:

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