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Russell Bateman
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The following are subjects and links to resources on my docket to look into, learn and write about.

JavaServer Faces (JSF), Facelets and presentation technologies

With the completion of JSF Facelets Template Project, this work is largely finished. I want to add, however, the following topics:

Maven as a build tool

I began to cover this in a largely unfinished document, Using Maven with Eclipse for Web Applications, that needs to be updated with progress made with JSF and Facelets.

Spring Web Flow

In place of the standard JavaServer Faces faces-config.xml, I'd like to graduate to Spring Web Flow. Here are some links to kick it off:

Mockito and Hamcrest

This is for testing and shouldn't necessarily happen after the preceding technologies as it's essential to write tests first, before writing actual implementation code. (Yes, I'm one of THOSE!)